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Hair Loss Solutions in Charleston, SC

Types of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be complex and multifactorial. You want to assess accurately what is happening and what factors might contribute to your hair loss. Is it just age-related, or are other things contributing to your hair loss? What's going on with your follicles at the scalp level? What is going on in the different regions of the scalp, the forehead, crown, temples, and occipital regions? What can we do to increase the thickness and number of hair follicles? Are stress, nutrition, hormone, or thyroid levels contributing to your hair loss? We need to figure out what is happening with you and what options make sense to improve your hair.

Tricho Testing

Our process involves an assessment of the condition of your scalp and identification of any underlying medical conditions. We utilize micro cameras and specialized equipment, including a sebum and hydration meter, pH meter, and density meter, to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your hair and scalp system. Once we have gathered this information, we create a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This data is stored for future comparison and analysis.

Alma TED (TransEpidermal Delivery)

This method uses revolutionary ultrasound technology and air pressure to increase blood flow and help penetrate the topical hair growth formula. As a result, more nutrients get to the follicle, stimulating them to produce thicker, healthier, fuller-looking hair in one treatment. A series of 3 or more one month apart is recommended for best results.

Minoxidil Response Testing

Before taking it, you want to test to see if it will even work for you. Minoxidil has many side effects; when you stop taking it, it will cause a shed cycle. This is because 60% of people are missing the required enzyme for Minoxidil to work. We can test to see if you have the enzyme needed and if Minoxidil will even work for you before you try it because once you start, you really shouldn't stop. After all, stopping will start a significant and noticeable shed cycle.


By enhancing blood circulation and promoting the growth of hair follicles, your scalp can experience a boost in thickness. Microneedling is an effective technique that triggers the production of collagen and stem cells, thereby promoting hair growth. Notably, this procedure is relatively inexpensive and minimally invasive, making it a preferred choice for both patients and medical professionals as an alternative to invasive plastic surgery.

PRP Hair Restoration

What is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma? It is the growth factors isolated from a patient's own blood or plasma injected back into their scalp. The growth factors encourage tissue regeneration. If you inject those growth factors into the scalp, it encourages the body to grow more and thicker hair follicles. The procedure takes about an hour. An initial series of 3 done about a month apart is recommended for best results. Lots of patients use PRP once a year prophylactically to prevent hair loss.

Laser Stimulation

Some Lasers have been proven in clinical trials to increase the number of hair follicles per centimeter. They are painless and non-invasive, and there is a range of options, from a laser that you get treated once every 90 days to a device you could wear every day for 15 minutes. Depending on your exact situation, lasers can be a great choice.

Scalp Treatments

Some patients have product or oil build-up, which causes follicle blockages and interferes with blood flow. Our special treatment can help reduce oil or any build upon the scalp contributing to hair loss.


Poor eating habits and stress can contribute to hair loss. However, some supplements can really make a difference to your hair and help you feel better and general.

Cesare Regazzi

If you're experiencing hair loss of any type, then this completely personalized solution can help. Men and women of any age experiencing simple thinning to complete alopecia can be fitted for one of these one-of-a-kind custom hair pieces, 3D printed medical grade prosthetics made with virgin European hair.

FOLLEA by Daniel Alain

Simply the finest European hair and the highest quality wigs on the market today! Daniel Alain offers you beautiful 100% human hair wigs in a variety of lengths, colors, and cap sizes to complete your look. We are proud to offer FOLLEA, the world's largest collection of European hair luxury wigs, handcrafted to look natural and give you confidence back.

What is Non-surgical Hair Restoration?

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration is any method or technique that replaces lost or thinning hair without surgery. There are many non-surgical options. Here at Ageless RX, we are committed to finding the best solution for you. We will assess the situation and devise a treatment plan that works for you. This includes preventing more hair loss and enhancing what you have. If the hair isn't coming back, we also have alternative hair solutions.

At our office in Charleston Non-Surgical Hair Restoration is a broad term that covers supplements, genetic testing, medications, scalp treatments, shampoos, microneedling, lasers, PRP injections, exosomes, bonded pieces, and human hair wigs. Basically, all the hair restoration options other than surgery. We thoroughly assess the scalp and hair follicles at the forehead, crown, temples, and occipital regions. We want to quantify the thickness and number of hair follicles in each area to find the best treatment for you and your goals.

Consultations take about an hour. You will leave understanding what is going on with your hair and the different treatment options that make sense for you. We offer free consultations to discuss all of the possibilities. You can do in-person, virtual, or phone consultations. Although we know the first step can be hard, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Please call or email [email protected] to book today.

Who's a candidate for Hair Restoration?

Individuals who are dissatisfied with their current hair situation are potential candidates for Non-Surgical Hair Restoration in Charleston. There are numerous treatment options available, and it is crucial to identify the one that is best suited for your specific hair condition. Hair loss can result from a variety of causes, including genetic hair loss conditions like female pattern hair loss, androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness, and alopecia areata, or thinning hair due to factors such as aging, hormonal changes, or stress. Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be addressed with appropriate treatment. We also provide solutions for individuals experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or postpartum.

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What are the benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration?

Renewed confidence, peace of mind, feeling like yourself, seeing yourself in the mirror, feeling beautiful and sexy again. The loss of hair can cause so much stress and anxiety. Some people will stop socializing and living their best lives because they worry about how wind, water, and the different elements will affect their hair. They will feel shame and embarrassment for no reason other than they are losing their hair. Some people will avoid intimacy because they feel unattractive, which leads to feeling frustrated and disconnected.

You do not have to suffer, there are so many options for Non-Surgical Hair Restoration, and at the very least, you should know what they are for you. How important is hair to people's identity and how they feel about themselves? 20% of women will choose to die rather than get a medical treatment that would save their lives but cause them to lose their hair. Hair matters, and there are options.

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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

How Much Does Restoring Your Hair Cost?

From less than $50 a month for a supplement, medication, or scalp treatment to a couple hundred dollars a month for a more comprehensive solution.

Is Hair Restoration painful?

Most treatments are painless; microneedling and scalp injections can be painful, but prescription numbing cream is available for those procedures.

Today, it’s never been easier to get the younger, healthier skin you’ve always wanted. When you make an appointment at Ageless Rx (a top-rated medical spa), you will get the advantage of a number of treatments that will not only help you achieve younger-looking skin but will also help you feel better about yourself. We offer everything you need to achieve the look you want without the need for expensive, invasive plastic surgery or other intensive treatments. Schedule an appointment and meet with our team and find the ideal treatment for you. Contact us today.

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